Portal gun id

The Portal Gun is a tool added by PortalGun. It is the main feature of the mod, capable of creating a pair of linked portals that allow for immediate travel of mobs and entities between them. There are several different types of Portal Guns, utilizing different color schemes. In addition, they can be used to pick up most blocks and entities. Portal guns can be found as Dungeon loot, and their icon image will include the color of the portal they last shot.

They are a unique tool in the fact that, when being used, render an actual 3D model. By middle-clicking while holding the Portal Gun will give the player zoomed in sight. This is useful if one is using the Portal Gun to teleport to an exact block. Pressing the "R" key while holding a Portal Gun will erase all set portals by that specific Portal Gun. One portal alone is unusable; there must be a twin portal somewhere else for the portals to be connected and usable.

Portals are used by moving through them, only players, mobs, items, experience orbs, Minecarts, Boats, Weighted Storage Cubes and Weighted Companion Cubes are transportable through portals.

The exception is when a portal is placed on the moon. When an entity travels through a portal, they are instantly teleported straight to the twin portal at the same speed and direction they entered into the first one.

If the player shoots the moon while another portal on Earth is already active, blocks will be permanently removed as they are sucked into the portal. If the player is sucked in they are teleported to the maximum map height with the player zoomed in on the moon.

They will start falling to the ground, resulting in almost certain death. Wearing Long Fall Boots will be extremely useful if this occurs. There are a variety of Portal Gun types.

Unless noted to act differently, most Portal Guns behave like the default Portal Gun. The default Portal Gun is the base variant of all other portal guns in the game, and is the counterpart of the two-color generic portal gun from Portal and Portal 2. The portal colors are shared by it and its single coloured counterparts. In addition, the single-color Portal Guns can be crafted together to make a default, two-color Portal Gun, or if one is equipped when the other is picked up, the two will merge automatically.

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The default portal gun uses two colours: left-clicking shoots a blue portal while right-clicking shoots an orange portal.Used in the Enrichment Center 's testing tracksit is a Test Subject 's primary tool to complete each test, as well as being a mandatory travel aide outside of testing areas.

No matter the distance between them, any object which passes through one portal will emerge from the other and vice versa instantaneously.

portal gun id

The portals can be placed on any surface which is made out of manufactured or refined moon rock and large enough to accommodate them. Moving objects, or certain types of surfaces, will usually prevent the formation of a portal. Material Emancipation Grills will block any attempt to shoot portals through them, as well as reset any active portals should the ASHPD pass through it.

A light in the small hole on the top of the ASHPD and its glowing glass tube both have the color of the last portal shot. It has two triggers, one for each of its two portals. When the ASHPD is fired, a burst of colored energy is emitted from the barrel, corresponding to the colored portal it is intended to create.

Upon striking the targeted surface, a portal is formed, surrounded by a colored ring. If the surface cannot accommodate a portal for whatever reason, the shot will dissipate in a shower of colored particles.

If one portal is shot into its opposite, the portal will be formed next to the first one, assuming the surface has enough room for it to form; otherwise, it will dissipate as normal. The device can only create two portals at a time. If a third is fired, the other of its type will be automatically closed and a new link will be formed. It can pick up objects, but only those directly in front of it.

If the space between the object and the ASHPD is interrupted by a solid object, there is a chance that the object will be dropped, which can sometimes occur when traveling through portals at high velocity and the object accidentally hits the edge of the portal or another object in the surrounding area.

It also cannot punt them as the Gravity Gun can, so the only way to throw the object is to physically swing the ASHPD itself, which can at best send the object a few meters away.

portal gun id

Items picked up with the ASHPD's manipulator can be carried though portals, which proves to be very useful in several test chambers. It is later upgraded in Test Chamber 11 to fire the orange portals as well while another model is found there, it actually consists of an upgrade to the current model, as said by GLaDOS. When each of the two versions of the gun are found, they are seen placed on a pedestal in the middle of a Test Chamber.

The pedestal is constantly turning on itself, and the ASHPD shoots a portal each time it faces one of the four walls of the room it is in.

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Chell has to use the non-player controlled gun to complete the Test Chambers and once done acquires the initial ASHPD and later its upgrade. They are identifiable by two stripes running along the top rear of the device; blue stripes for ATLAS, and yellow for P-body.Account Options Sign in. Top charts.

New releases. Add to Wishlist. Portal 2 Mod previously Portal Gun adds many of the features as found in the popular first-person puzzle-platform Portal games to Minecraft Pocket Edition. The gameplay elements include features like the PortalGuns to place portals, a GravityGun which can be used for both blocks and mobs and lots of other nifty tools.

Two portals can be placed and used to walk through to get teleported from one point to another. It can be used times.

portal gun id

The PortalGuns can be used to pick up blocks from the ground and move them to be placed somewhere else. There are four types of such guns: The GravityGun can be used to pick up mobs and blocks from the ground and then bring them to the place where you want them placed. You can also choose to shoot them away. A bit more cruel, but fun! Turrets Turrets are can be placed down and act as guards which protect from all intruders even yourself. To manage the turret tap on it with the Turret Options item.

Portal Music There are three discs added which all can be used to play music from Portal 2 using a jukebox. If you feel more for some electronic music then try out the Portal Radio. Jumper Jumper blocks can be placed on the ground and whenever you walk on top of a jumper you will be rocketed up into the air. Gel Blocks There are two types of gel blocks which will cause two different effects when walking or jumping on them.

If you jump on the Repulsion Gel Block it will cause you to automatically jump four more times lower and lower until ultimately stopping you from jumping. Important Consumer Information: requires Internet connection to download additional content network fees may apply ; contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB or Valve.

All rights reserved. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Privacy Policy.It connects two different points in space, allowing for instant transportation between them. The Portal Gun item works in the same way as it does in the Portal game series. Left-click and right-click will produce a portal of the corresponding color, and pressing R will close all portals.

The basic Portal Gun fires a blue and an orange portal. A portal is 2 blocks tall by 1 block wide. It can be placed on any non-transparent surface so long as there is space for it. The outline of the portal can be seen through blocks when the portal gun is held in-hand. All same-type Portal Guns share the same two portals. One Portal Gun can change the position of a portal fired by another Portal Gun. The Portal Gun can pick up any solid block or mob by pointing at it and pressing G.

The thing being picked up becomes an entity. Pressing G again will place the thing down. This includes spawners, beehives, and rubber tree including the sap hole ; blocks which otherwise cannot be moved. This does not include most machines, warded glass, and non-solid blocks such as torches and flowers.

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The Portal Gun can be fired at the moon. If so, the other end of the portal will suck in all blocks, entities, mobs and players within an 8-block sphere centered on the portal. However, flowers do not seem to be affected by this unless the block they are planted on is sucked in.

On the day after your date of birth as you indicated when you registered your minecraft accounta cake with a torch candle on it will appear in front of all portals, however they are only graphically there, they cannot be interacted with, and you move right through them.

When holding a portal gun and pressing the middle mouse button, it will zoom in. This works with all portal guns. There are a number of variants of the Portal Gun. Each needs to be crafted using the basic Portal Gun. Atlas' Portal Gun fires a light blue and a purple aperture. These two apertures are shared by all Atlas' Portal Guns in the game.As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform. Read more here.

These two portals are linked; any player that touches one will be instantly transported to the other one, without losing momentum.

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The Portal Gun has a maximum range of blocks feet. It takes about two seconds for the projectile to travel this distance. While selected, the Portal Gun will alter the player's physics: their maximum fall speed is multiplied by 3. This effect is also applied if the last entity that affected the player's fall was a portal. The extremely fast movement may cause performance losses on some computers.

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portal gun id

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Portal Gun (Item)

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